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Posted by Elaine on 1st July 2013

Birthday’s and What To Buy For the Kids Who Have Everything.

It’s that time of year when all the birthdays seem to come at once and I have to tussle with birthday presents, which is never easy when kids seem to get toys and gifts all year long.
My eldest grandaughter, Alex, was 18, 2 weeks ago, which is an easy birthday to buy for – they just want money at that age and there are plenty of blingy mementos in the card shops to commemorate this coming of age.

Oliver, my youngest son, is 18 this Friday, and again he’s just plumped for money ( after trying to get the latest Samsung phone – £500+ !!), and a BBQ for his mates and family.

Imogen, whose birthday falls on the 24th December, had her half-year party last saturday and this is the age group that do really seem to have everything – but luckily she’s been hankering after some Lelli Kelly shoes, and I do like her taste as she opted for some very stylish Sky Blue, Tallulah’s, and they do seem to be very robust, so hopefully she will get plenty of wear out of them.

My youngest grandaughter’s 4th birthday is on the horizon and she fell in love with these shoes (she wanted the same as Imi), so I’ve just ordered them online for her.

It does get increasingly difficult to know what to buy for kids today – I do hanker for the days when toys and gifts where strictly twice a year, birthdays and Christmas.

Buying Kids Bedroom Furniture

Children’s bedrooms are no longer a room that they simply sleep in that has a bed and austere bedroom walls. Bedrooms are now multi functional, an area children can use as an extra playroom or somewhere to go with their friends.

Children’s bedroom furniture now includes a wide choice of bed styles, from standard single beds [...]

Children’s Bedding Guide

The most popular type of kids bedding in the UK is undoubtedly the duvet cover and  insert.
TOG – basically the higher the tog the warmer the duvet. Natural fillings, ie feather or down, are more efficient at creating warmth than synthetic choices, and are usually lighter and less bulky, but more expensive.
In winter we can [...]

Family Holidays At Center Parcs

Center Parcs have cleverly located their villages across the country so that you don’t have to travel too far to get to one of their four forest locations : Elveden in Suffolk, Sherwood in Nottinghamshire, Longleat in Wiltshire and Whinfell in Cumbria.
Each of the forest villages offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities aimed [...]

Childen’s Toy Boxes.

Toy boxes and chests come in all shapes and sizes and are made in all kinds of materials these days, which means everyone can choose one which suits their taste and their budget.

For some, nothing can beat the traditional wooden toy box. Made from wood and with a natural finish, this kind of box will [...]

Kids Toy Storage and Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you feel like the toys are starting to take over your home and crave a toy free adult space, (or even just to see the floor once in a while), then have a look at some of these creative solutions to make toy storage neat, stylish and affordable.

One of the easiest ways to create [...]

Decorating A Girl’s Bedroom

I’m not a big fan of decorating but when it comes to updating my little girls bedroom I can’t help getting inspired by the wealth of girls bedding and bedroom accessories that there is on the market.

Girls have an unlimited number of characters and themes to choose from and don’t have to stick to the [...]

Decorating A Boy’s Bedroom

When it’s time to update a boys bedroom where do you start?
Probably the best thing to do first is to set your budget because this will dictate not only how much you spend on boys bedding and curtains but also how far you go with decorating the walls and accessorising.

Don’t feel restricted by a tight [...]

Lego Toy Storage

Lego has been around since the 1950s and been a favourite toy, mainly for boys since the 1960s.  The brightly coloured, interlocking bricks are still a favourite today with Star Wars and  Harry Potter themes and even a Harrods clone, available.

Lego have now authorised the manufacture of  large storage units, which are exactly the same [...]

Outdoor Garden Toys – Kids Slides

Now that the spring weather has arrived and the days are certainly becoming warmer I’m busy over at, my parenting information and family shopping directory, updating and creating new pages for the outdoor toys section.  I’ve started by moving the kids slides section to it’s own page, thus leaving the original page full of [...]

Family Holiday Parks in Wales

If you’re thinking of taking a family holiday or a short mid-week or weekend break in Wales then this site should answer all your questions.
Caravan Parks in Wales lists the top 18 family caravan sites, giving in depth information on all these holiday parks.  With parks in all regions – North, Mid and South Wales [...]